myCTO is hiring!


International and fast growing company, with big ambitions, myCTO helps startups and established companies to quickly boost innovation, from the beginning to the end of product development : design, prototyping, deployment, etc.
For the past six months we've powered 7 projects with our business driven tech development methodology. We just get accelerated inside Station F and we aim to build a big tech-entrepreneurs tribe. We are also about to open an office in Shanghai in the beginning of 2019.

Job Description

Position :

You will handle a big part of the software, web and mobile development of our projects. A few projects are already booked for you (SaaS, FinTech, EdTech,...) and others will come (but don't worry, you will not be alone !). You will be involved in the whole project scope, from ideation to tech development until the go-to-market phasis. As monCTO takes the role of a tech right-hand for its customers, you will be in close relationship with them and accompany them connecting their business needs with technological solutions.
Just like any other member of the team, you will be involved in every decisions and projects for the global development of monCTO.
One day a week will be available for working on your personal projects.

Responsabilities :

  • Interact with customers to understand product requirements, business environment, document processes, detect potential issues or risks.
  • Contribute to software (and occasionnaly hardware) design. Drive product discussions focusing on reliability, fault tolerance and performance.
  • Lead the IT engineering for our software, web and mobile development projects.
  • Manage autonomously the product development processes and methodology, with the team and with the customers.
  • Work hand in hand with the team during design implementation to ensure requirements will be met, and to adjust requirements across the system as issues arise.
  • Apply learnings from issues to generate comprehensive system knowledge and define future requirements for increased robustness.

Conditions :

  • Located in Station F, Paris 13th (few days per week could be done remotely if needed).
  • Salary depending on the profile (don't worry, it will be fair !).
  • Great probability for few business trip to our office in Shanghai.

Our team loves innovation and challenges, if so do you, we are impatient to have you on board ! Further interesting opportunities on the horizon after the internship...

Preferred Experience

  • No degree required, just some great experiences needed and a willingness to create amazing products.
  • Well experienced in software development, web development (back-end and front-end), mobile development, IoT field (smart devices and systems),...
  • Any experience in blockchain / big data / machine learning would be a plus.
  • Well experienced in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Python, C/C++, server-side, Cloud platform (GCP, AWS, AlibabaCloud...).
  • Awareness to accessibility and security compliance issues.
  • Excellent organizational skills, with the ability to manage innovation projects and coordinate cross-disciplinary work.
  • Ability to work in an international and fast-paced environment, adapt to changes and overcome challenges as they arise.
  • English is mandatory, French is very welcomed and Chinese would be a plus !

Recruitment Process

  • Online application : softskills test + portfolio
  • Meeting in Paris or videocall.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Start Date: 01 May 2019
  • Location: Paris, France ()
  • Experience: > 6 months
  • Telecommuting Possible
  • Salary: between 1200€ and 3500€ / month